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00:06:17.802-->00:06:19.670 I'm a PEERTUBE contributor I'm a PEERTUBE contributor,
00:06:22.969-->00:06:24.797 as any contributors, as any contributors
00:06:29.264-->00:06:32.720 "What's the long-term vision for streaming videos?" "What's the long-term visio for streaming videos?"
00:06:41.978-->00:06:46.158 where developers usually prefer where developers usually prefer to contribute;
00:06:46.245-->00:06:47.711 (at least when they contribute online) when they contribute online as least;
00:06:47.883-->00:06:49.206 to contribute on a software forge on a project hosting website
00:06:49.254-->00:06:51.158 that's to say on something that gathers meaning which gathers
00:06:51.273-->00:06:54.092 features and important contributions features, important contributions
00:06:56.262-->00:06:58.278 including containing
00:06:58.335-->00:07:00.868 all the users' and feature requests all the users' and feature requests,
00:07:00.976-->00:07:03.928 and bug reports… bug rapports...
00:07:06.519-->00:07:09.010 many mechanisms are working. many mechanisms are working
00:07:11.100-->00:07:12.780 the video metadata, the video metadata
00:07:12.833-->00:07:14.769 the server has to transform the video, the servor has to transform the video,
00:07:14.794-->00:07:16.904 and transcode it in various definitions and transcode it in various resolutions
00:07:18.024-->00:07:20.579 to make sure that the video is visible to make sure that the video can be seen
00:07:23.520-->00:07:25.374 Federation Federation
00:07:25.422-->00:07:26.929 allows servers allows servors
00:07:31.639-->00:07:33.677 PEERTUBE's advantage PEERTUBE project's advantage
00:07:33.744-->00:07:36.667 was this federation was this federation