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%1$s (%2$s - %3$s) deleted their account %1$s (%2$s - %3$s) 刪除了他們的帳號
%1$s (%2$s) deleted their account %1$s (%2$s) 刪除了他們的帳號
%1$s deleted their account %1$s 刪除了他們的帳號
An user <strong>deleted</strong> its account An user <strong>刪除了</strong>他的帳號
User-Session unexpectedly expired 用戶會話意外過期
Successfully sent email 成功發送郵件
You have no email set up into your account 你的帳號沒有設置你的電子郵件
Unexpected error sending email. Please contact your administrator. 傳送電子郵件時發生意外的錯誤。請聯絡你的系統管理員.
Confirm your account deletion on %s
Account deletion confirmation for %s
Hello, 歡迎,
Someone - probably you - asked to delete their account on %s.
To confirm the account deletion, you may click on the button below.
Delete account 移除帳戶
User account deletion 刪除使用者帳號
An app to allow users to delete their accounts. app 允許使用者刪除他們的帳號.
# Description

This app allows users to delete their accounts by removing all their data.

It can also send activities to the admins about deleted accounts.
Account deletion 刪除帳號
Allows users to delete themselves their own account. 允許使用者刪除他們自己的帳號。