Context English Occitan
Event %{title} has been updated L’eveniment %{title} es estat actualizat
New title: %{title} Títol novèl : %{title}
You requested a new password for your account on %{instance}. Avètz demandat un nòu senhal per vòstre compte sus %{instance}.
Warning Avertiment
Confirm your participation to event %{title} Confirmatz vòstra participacion a l’eveniment %{title}
terms An internal ID for your current selected identity Un ID intèrn de la vòstra identitat actualament seleccionada
terms An internal user ID Un ID intèrn d’utilizaire
terms Any of the information we collect from you may be used in the following ways: Qual que siá informacion que reculem de vosautres pòt èsser utilizada dels biaisses seguents :
terms Basic account information Informacion basicas de compte
terms Do not share any dangerous information over Mobilizon. Partegetz pas cap d’informacion perilhosa sus Mobilizon.
terms Do we disclose any information to outside parties? Divulgam d’informacions amb de tèrças partidas ?
terms Do we use cookies? Utilizam de cookies ?
terms How do we protect your information? Cossí protegissèm vòstras informacions ?
terms IPs and other metadata Adreças IP e autras metadonadas
terms Published events and comments Eveniments e comentaris publicats
terms Retain the IP addresses associated with registered users no more than 12 months. Servar pas las adreças IP associadas als utilizaires enregistradas pas mai que 12 meses.
terms Tokens to authenticate you Getons per vos identificar
terms We also may retain server logs which include the IP address of every request to our server. Podèm tanben servar las donadas d’autentificacion, aquò inclutz las adreças IP de totas las requèstas de nòstre servidor.
terms We store the following information on your device when you connect: Gardam las informacions seguentas sus vòstre aparelh quand vos connectatz :
terms We will make a good faith effort to: Farem esfòrces per :