Key English Kabyle
close Close Mdel
navigation_drawer_close Close the menu Mdel umuɣ
app_name Mobilizon Mobilizon
search Search Nadi
search_instance_hint Search among instances Nadi gar tummanin
enable_data Enable Data Rmed isefka
create Create Rnu
cancel Cancel Sefsex
change_instance Change instance Senfel tummant
validate Validate Sentem
show_location Show Location Sken adeg
explore Explore Snirem
mobilizon_banner Mobilizon banner Takerḍiwt n Mobilizon
help Help Tallalt
permissions_message This permission is used for searching events next to your location. Tasiregt-a tettuseqdec i unadi n tedyanin i iqerben ɣer wadeg ideg telliḍ.
local_events Local events: %1$s Tidyanin tidiganin: %1$s
terms Terms Tiwtilin
error Error: %1$s Tuccḍa: %1$s
not_valide_instance This instance does not seem to be valid! Tummant-a tettban d tarameɣtut!
license License Turagt