Key English Kabyle
logo_mobilizon Mobilizon logo Alugu n Mobilizon
account Account Amiḍan
my_account My account Amiḍan-inu
instances_picker Instances picker Anefran n tummant
access_needed App need access to %1$s Asnas yesra anekcum ɣer %1$s
logout Logout Ffeɣ
instance_choice Pick an instance Fren tummant
pickup_instance Pick this instance Fren tummant-a
groups Groups: %1$s Igrawen: %1$s
my_groups My groups Igrawen-inu
settings Settings Iɣewwaren
yes Yes Ih
ok OK IH
my_events My events Ineḍruyen-inu
users Users: %1$s Iseqdacen: %1$s
login Login Kcem
register Register Kles
open_with Open with Ldi s
navigation_drawer_open Open the menu Ldi umuɣ
version Version: %1$s Lqem: %1$s