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changelogs/2.txt:1 - Fix missing buttons for storing events
- Fix an issue with the main menu
changelogs/3.txt:1 - Cache not cleared when a new release is available
- New localizations
full_description.txt:1 What’s Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is an online tool to help manage your events, your profiles and your groups.

- Your events
On Mobilizon you can create a detailed page for your event, publish and share it.
You can also search for events by keyword, place or date, participate in events (even without an account) and add them to your agenda.

- Your profiles
Setting up an account on a Mobilizon instance will allow you to create several profiles (i.e.: personal, professional, hobbies, activism, etc.), organise events and manage groups.
Before you create an account on an instance, don't forget to discover how this instance works by reading its “about” page, to better understand its rules and policies.

- Your groups
In Mobilizon, each group has a public page where you can consult the group’s latest posts and public events.
When invited to join a group, members can participate in discussions, and manage a common resource folder (i.e. links to a collaborative writing tool, a wiki, etc.)
Qu'es aquò Mobilizon?

Mobilizon es un otilh en linha tà vos ajudar à gerir los vòstes eveniments, los vòstes profius e los vòstes grops.

- Los vòstes eveniments
En Mobilizon podetz crear ua pagina detalhada pèr los vòstes eveniments, publicar e partatjar eths.
Podetz tambè cercar los eveniments pèr mòts clau, plaça o data, participar en eveniments (quan sens un compte) e ajusta eths tà lo vòste agenda.

- Los vòstes profius
La creacion d'un compte sus ua instança Mobilizon autorizara vos de crear mantun profius (i.e.: personau, professionau, lésers, activism, etc.), organizar eveniments e events and gerir los grops.
Dabant de crear un compte o ua instança, doblidatz pas de descobrir com aquesta instança foncciona en léger la pagina “about” , pèr un melhor comprener delas reulas e politicas.

- Los vòstes grops
En Mobilizon, cad grop tèn ua pagina publica ont podetz consultar los darrèrs posts deth grop e los eveniments publics.
Quan invitat de jonhar un grop, los sòci(a)s poden participar en discussions, e gerir un dossièr de ressorças (i.e. ligams pèr escriure un otilh collaboratiu, un wiki, etc.)