Key English Kabyle
changelogs/1.txt:1 First release Lqem amezwaru
changelogs/2.txt:1 - Fix missing buttons for storing events
- Fix an issue with the main menu
-Ṣeggem tiqeffalin i ixuṣṣen i usekles n tedyanin
-Fru ugur s wumuɣ agejdan
changelogs/3.txt:1 - Cache not cleared when a new release is available
- New localizations
- Tuffirt ur tettwasfaḍ ara mi ara yili lqem amaynut
- Asideg amaynut
full_description.txt:1 What’s Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is an online tool to help manage your events, your profiles and your groups.

- Your events
On Mobilizon you can create a detailed page for your event, publish and share it.
You can also search for events by keyword, place or date, participate in events (even without an account) and add them to your agenda.

- Your profiles
Setting up an account on a Mobilizon instance will allow you to create several profiles (i.e.: personal, professional, hobbies, activism, etc.), organise events and manage groups.
Before you create an account on an instance, don't forget to discover how this instance works by reading its “about” page, to better understand its rules and policies.

- Your groups
In Mobilizon, each group has a public page where you can consult the group’s latest posts and public events.
When invited to join a group, members can participate in discussions, and manage a common resource folder (i.e. links to a collaborative writing tool, a wiki, etc.)
D acu-t Mobilizon?

Mobilizon d afecku srid yettεawan deg usefrek n tedyanin, imaɣunen d yigrawen inek·inem.

Deg Mobilizon tzemreḍ ad ternuḍ asebter leqqayen i tedyanin-inek·inem, asuffeɣ d beṭṭu-nsent.
Tzemreḍ daɣen adtnadiḍ tidyanin s wawalen ufrinen, s wadeg neɣ s wazemz, attekki deg tedyant (ula war amiḍan) akken tzemreḍ daɣen ad ten-ternuḍ ɣer uwitay-inek·inem.

Asebded n umiḍan deg tummant n Mobilizon ad ak·akem-yeǧǧ ad ternuḍ aṭas n yimaɣunen (anamek n waya: udmawan, amsadur, yirmad, tamsarmud, atg.); aṣeggem d usefrek n yigrawen.
Send ad ternuḍ amiḍan deg tummant, ur tettu ara ad tesnirmeḍ amek i tetteddu tummant-a s tɣuri n usebter-ines "ɣef", i ufham n yilugan-ines d tsertit-ines akken iwata.

Deg Mobilizon, yal agraw ɣur-s asebter azayaz anida i tzemreḍ ad twaliḍ tisuffaɣ tineggura akked tedyanin tizuyaz n ugraw.
Mi ara d-ttusnubegten ad rnun ɣer ugraw, iεeggalen zemren ad ttekkin deg yal asqerdec, ad sferken daɣen akaram n teɣbalut yezdin (anamek n waya, iseɣwan n yifecka n tira imsezdiyen, awiki, atg.)
short_description.txt:1 Mobilizon is a tool to help manage your events, your profiles and your groups. Mobilizon d afecku ara ak·akem-iεawnen deg usefrek n tedyanin-inek·inem, amaɣnu.
title.txt:1 Mobilizon Mobilizon