English Finnish
%{member} accepted the invitation to join the group. %{member} hyväksyi kutsun liittyä ryhmään.
%{member} rejected the invitation to join the group. %{member} hylkäsi kutsun liittyä ryhmään.
%{member} requested to join the group. %{member} haluaa liittyä ryhmään.
%{member} was invited by %{profile}. %{profile} kutsui jäsenen %{member}.
%{profile} added the member %{member}. %{profile} lisäsi jäsenen %{member}.
%{profile} archived the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} arkistoi keskustelun %{discussion}.
%{profile} created the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} loi keskustelun %{discussion}.
%{profile} created the folder %{resource}. %{profile} loi kansion %{resource}.
%{profile} created the group %{group}. %{profile} loi ryhmän %{group}.
%{profile} created the resource %{resource}. %{profile} loi resurssin %{resource}.
%{profile} deleted the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} poisti keskustelun %{discussion}.
%{profile} deleted the folder %{resource}. %{profile} poisti kansion %{resource}.
%{profile} deleted the resource %{resource}. %{profile} poisti resurssin %{resource}.
%{profile} excluded member %{member}. %{profile} hylkäsi jäsenen %{member}.
%{profile} moved the folder %{resource}. %{profile} siirsi kansion %{resource}.
%{profile} moved the resource %{resource}. %{profile} siirsi resurssin %{resource}.
%{profile} quit the group. %{profile} poistui ryhmästä.
%{profile} renamed the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} muutti keskustelun %{discussion} nimer.
%{profile} renamed the folder from %{old_resource_title} to %{resource}. %{profile} muutti kansion %{old_resource_title} nimeksi %{resource}.
%{profile} renamed the resource from %{old_resource_title} to %{resource}. %{profile} muutti resurssin %{old_resource_title} nimeksi %{resource}.