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home->subtitle Together, we go further Bersama, kita melangkah lebih jauh
help->forum **To help eachother**<br />
see our forum
newvisitor->demo ### … try Mobilizon

Create a fake account and fake events on [](@:link.mzo-demo)<br />

*Warning, this demo website isn't moderated. All data created there will be **automatically deleted every day** at 00:01 (Paris time zone)).*
### ... coba Mobilizon

Buat akun palsu dan acara palsu di [](@:link.mzo-demo)<br />

*Peringatan, situs web demonya tidak dimoderasi. Seluruh data yang dibuat akan **secara otomatis dihapus setiap hari** pada 00.01 (zona waktu Paris)).*
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Illustrations by [@:people.revoy](
© [@:txt.soft](@:link.soft) 2018 [AGPL-3.0](@:git.joinmobilizon) |
Ilustrasi oleh [@:people.revoy](
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newvisitor->jmz ## You've just heard of Mobilizon?
### … learn more about Mobilizon

See our detailed presentation on [](@:link.jmz)

- read the [Frequently Asked Questions](@:link.jmz/faq)
- get [the latests news about Mobilizon](@:link.jmz/news)

Read the history of the project and [our note of intent on the
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