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frama ## Framasoft & you

- Come talk with us on [our forum]({forum})
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help->title ## Get help on Mobilizon
*You have questions about Mobilizon? Need help? This is the right place!*
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home->title Let’s take back control of our events
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newuser->definition Mobilizon works like a **network of hosts connected to each other**.<br />
Anyone with the technical skills can host a Mobilizon server called an **instance**.<br />
Thus, all instances are created, animated, moderated and maintained independently by different administrators.
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newuser->instances ### … on an instance of your choice
A community index of instances can be found at
newuser->selection ### … on an instance pre-selected by Framasoft

:bulb: Pro Tip !<br />
Before registering on an instance, remember to read its "About" page where the instance presents its terms of use, its moderation charter, its federation policy, etc. Only entrust your data to sites run by people you trust.

Here is a list of instances that we recommend and that share our values (make sure they are in synch with yours!).
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warning This site, published by the French not-for-profit Framasoft, aims to help you discover Mobilizon, a free-libre and federated software for event and group management.