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Why hosting the code on GitHub and Framagit?
Why do you let bad people use or upload bad videos on PeerTube?
Why does PeerTube use ActivityPub and WebRTC? Why not IPFS / DTube / Steemit?
Who is working on PeerTube? Peertube 是什麼?
Who is behind 誰支撐了
Who are we? 我們是誰?
Which sharing mechanisms do you want to enable? Just WebTorrent, or also HLS with p2p? If you want both, this will double your storage needs.
What is the total size of the videos you wish to stream?
What is the PeerTube release policy? Peertube 是什麼?
What is PeerTube's policy about content monetization?
What is PeerTube? Peertube 是什麼?
What is 什麼是
What are the PeerTube features for viewers?
What are the PeerTube features for content creators?
What are the PeerTube features for administrators?
What are the main advantages of PeerTube? Peertube 有哪些優點?
We <strong>try</strong> to keep compatibility with the latest minor version (2.3.1 with 2.2 for example). Unfortunately we don't have enough resources to keep compatibility with other versions.
We still hope that by sharing this roadmap as widely as possible, some of you will support us in our approach with a donation that will allow us to fund this project. 藉由廣泛地分享這個願景,我們仍期待您可以捐款贊助,讓我們能夠持續資助這項專案。
We respect that, and remind that all software of the PeerTube project is free software and can be installed with their own domain name.
We recommend you to create your own digital identity, without using "PeerTube" for your project (software name, website domain...) to not confuse people about who is behind the website/project.