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1. Find the instance that suits you best
2020 roadmap
2 channels on Framasoft's account on FramaTube instance
2. Create your account and enjoy PeerTube
A barebone yet functioning p2p live streaming
A better interface
Ability to create search indexes
ability to hide/unhide an instance or an account,
Ability to import a video through a torrent file or a magnet URI
Ability to import videos through an URL (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many others!)
About peer-to-peer broadcasting and watching
a company
activating automatic video playback or not,
Adding subtitles
Address line 2
Administer PeerTube
Administrators and moderators have, once again, usefull new tools in this update. There's a new page to facilitate comment moderation, batch actions, the option to delete all comments of an account, or to see unlisted videos uploaded by an account on the instance you moderate.