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What is PeerTube?
What is PeerTube's policy about content monetization?
What is the PeerTube release policy?
What is the total size of the videos you wish to stream?
What's new?
Which sharing mechanisms do you want to enable? Just WebTorrent, or also HLS with p2p? If you want both, this will double your storage needs.
While viewers themselves contribute a little additional bandwidth while watching the video in their browsers (mostly during surges), mirroring servers have a much greater uplink and will help your instance with sustained higher concurrent streaming.
Who is the mascot of PeerTube? Is it an octopus?
Who is working on PeerTube?
Why does PeerTube use ActivityPub and WebRTC? Why not IPFS / DTube / Steemit?
Why hosting the code on GitHub and Framagit?
With PeerTube, no more opaque algorithms or obscure moderation policies! PeerTube platforms you visit are built, managed and moderated by their owners.
Write PeerTube <strong>documentation</strong>
Yes, core PeerTube (PeerTube without installed plugins/themes) is compatible with GDPR:
Yes, Framasoft holds the "PeerTube" trademark in several countries for preventive purposes.
You can also go on the <a href="https://framacolibri.org/c/peertube" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">forum</a> to discuss with the community.
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