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In France, thanks to the %{ percent } tax deduction, your donation of %{ amount } will cost you %{ defisc }.
Does PeerTube ensure federation compatibility with previous versions?
I can't find my instance on Sepia Search or instances.joinpeertube.org and I can't add it: why?
I don't like the name "PeerTube"
I have found a security vulnerability in PeerTube. Where and how should I report it?
Is "PeerTube" a registered trademark?
Is PeerTube GDPR compatible?
Is PeerTube a neutral software?
Should I have a big server to run PeerTube?
What are the PeerTube features for administrators?
What are the PeerTube features for viewers?
Why do you let bad people use or upload bad videos on PeerTube?
Why hosting the code on GitHub and Framagit?