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It doesn't send personal data to any third party if P2P is disabled
Users can delete their account
Administrators can manually export users data from the database. An automatic export tool will be available in the future
If you want to store many videos on your PeerTube instance, you may want to store videos externally using <a href="https://docs.joinpeertube.org/admin-remote-storage" target="_blank">Object Storage</a>.
I can't find my instance on Sepia Search or instances.joinpeertube.org and I can't add it: why?
It probably means that we moderated your instance after an abuse report and found out that:
there is problematic content hosted by the instance (not only one video/account/channel or two, but severals)
the instance doesn't seem to be properly moderated or lacks federation policy ( = lack of ToS or CoC in the about page)
Framasoft remains the sole judge of this notion of “abuse”.
Follows %{ instance.totalInstanceFollowing } instance
%{ instance.totalInstanceFollowers } follower instance
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