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<p>Today, when searching for videos on a PeerTube instance, it is hard to
<strong>find content that is not in the federation bubble</strong> of that instance.</p>

<p>We will create a <strong>server that indexes all videos</strong>
and channels from all PeerTube instances that are listed on
<a href="https://instances.joinpeertube.org/">the public directory</a>.
The code for this indexing engine will be open source,
so that anyone can host their own by setting their own eligibility rules.</p>

<p>Each PeerTube instance administrator will be able to choose to <strong>
use one of these indexing engines for their instance's search bar</strong>.</p>

<p>In addition, <strong>announcements</strong>
will allow instance administrators to display information to visitors.</p>
1. Find the instance that suits you best 1. Bilatu zuri gehien egokitzen den instantzia
2. Create your account and enjoy PeerTube 2. Sortu zure kontua eta gozatu PeerTube