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Why progressive fundraising over 6 months?
WIP to improve UX/UI
With PeerTube, <strong>you can choose the hoster of your videos according to his terms of services</strong>, his moderation policy, his federation choices... As you don't have a tech giant facing you, you might be able to talk with you hoster if you ever have a problem, a need, or something you want.
With PeerTube, choose <strong>your hosting company and the rules you believe in.</strong>
With PeerTube, you get to choose your hosting provider according to their terms of use, such as their disk space limit per user, their moderation policy, who they chose to federate with... You are not speaking with a huge tech company, so you can talk it out in case of any issue, need, desire...
work to facilitate the federation and presentation of proceedings;
Yesterday, we've published our <a href="https://joinpeertube.org/roadmap" target="_blank">new roadmap to PeerTube's v3</a> detailing key features such as:
You can <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/issues">create an issue</a>, contribute to it, or even start contributing by choosing the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A%22good+first+issue+%3Abeginner%3A%22"> easy problems for those who begin </a>. See <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://docs.joinpeertube.org/#/contribute-getting-started">contributing guide</a> for more information.
You can read the complete <em>beta 12</em> changelog <a href="https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/blob/develop/CHANGELOG.md#v100-beta12">here</a>.
You can still watch from your account videos hosted by other instances though if the administrator of your instance had previously connected it with other instances.
You need to find a PeerTube hosting instance you trust.
You're right. PeerTube is not the perfect tool, far from it. And we never promised that this version 1.0 would be a tool that would include all the features corresponding to all cases.
YouTube has clearly gone astray: its hoster, Google-Alphabet, can enforce its ContentID system (the infamous "Robocopyright") or its videos recommendation system, all of which appear to be as obscure as unfair.