Key English Chinese (Traditional)
form->step1->title 1. I want to give to Framasoft
form->step2->title 2. I complete my information
form->step3->title 3. I access the payment
form->step2->corp a company
form->step2->address2 Addition of address
form->step2->address1 Address
form->step3->modal_vir->ref Also note this <b>payment reference</b> which must be added to the description of the transfer:
form->step3->email_send->[0] An email has just been sent to you at the address
form->step2->part an individual
why->money->list->[6] Banking fees and taxes:
form->step3->modal_vir->by by bank transfer
form->step3->modal_chq->by by check
form->step3->chq Check
form->step2->city City
why->money->list->[4] Communication:
form->step2->corp_tip Company, association, community…
form->step2->private Confidentiality
why->actions->list->[2] **Consolidate what serves you**<br /> The directory [@:txt.libre](@:link.libre), the publishing house [](, the [](, the [@:txt.dio](@:link.dio) services, the actions of [@:txt.cuo](@:link.cuo)... exist only thanks to your support. Bring them to life!
form->step3->email_send->[1] containing a reminder of the instructions below.
why->actions->list->[3] **Contribute to other communities**<br /> We want to put our tools at the service of people who work for a contribution company. Framasoft navigates in an archipelago of communities with similar values, and contributes to common actions in exchange and mutual aid.