Key English Chinese (Traditional)
form->step2->society_ex e.g. Free Software Fondation
form->step2->society_email_ex e.g.
form->step2->nickname Nickname
form->step2->nickname_ex e.g. Lady AAL
form->step2->lastname Last name
form->step2->lastname_ex e.g. Lovelace
form->step2->firstname First name
form->step2->firstname_ex e.g. Ada
form->step2->email E-mail
form->step2->email_ex e.g.
form->step2->address1 Address
form->step2->address1_ex e.g. 12 rue de la liberté
form->step2->address2 Addition of address
form->step2->address2_ex e.g. Building VI
form->step2->zip Postal code
form->step2->zip_ex e.g. 69007
form->step2->city City
form->step2->city_ex e.g. Lyon
form->step2->country Country
form->step2->error_empty This field must be filled in.