Key English Chinese (Traditional)
form->step2->country Country
form->step2->error_empty This field must be filled in.
form->step2->error_email You must enter a valid email address.
form->step3->title 3. I access the payment
form->step3->defisc Information on tax exemption
form->step3->defisc_text In France, thanks to the tax deduction of {percent}, **your donation of {amount}** will cost you only {defisc}.
form->step3->cb Credit card
form->step3->vir Transfer
form->step3->chq Check
form->step3->pp Paypal
form->step3->i_give I give
form->step3->monthly monthly
form->step3->now now
form->step3->coord Your personal details are noted.
form->step3->email_send->[0] An email has just been sent to you at the address
form->step3->email_send->[1] containing a reminder of the instructions below.
form->step3->ok Ok, I get it.
form->step3->modal_vir->by by bank transfer
form->step3->modal_vir->no_sepa @:txt.soft does not offer a SEPA form for direct debits, but you can make a donation by bank transfer directly to us.<br /> So you decide the sum, the frequency and you can change it at any time.
form->step3->modal_vir->to_finish To finalize your donation, please note our bank details: