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Association law 1901 declared in sub-prefecture of Arles on December 2,
2003 under the number@:legals.assoNb

N° Siret: @:legals.siretNb

Headquarters: @:legals.address

To contact us: <>

### Co-chair, publication management


### Hosting company
infoLib ## Computers and liberties
### Personal information collected

In France, personal data is protected by [Act No. 78-17 of 6 January
Act No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and
the European Directive of 24 October 1995.

In any event @:color.soft does collect personal information about the user
(name, e-mail address, telephone number) that is needed by the services offered
by the sites of the network @:color.soft, in particular for the inscription
with discussion spaces through online forms or for discussion forums statistical
processing. The user provides this information in full knowledge of the facts,
in particular when he/she inputs them him/herself. It is specified at this time
to the user of the network @:color.soft if the information to provide is
obligatory or not.

### Statistical analysis and confidentiality

In order to adapt the site to our visitors’ requests, we analyze the traffic
of our sites with Matomo. Matomo generates a cookie with a unique identifier,
whose storage period is limited to 13 months. The data collected (IP address,
User-Agent…) are anonymized and kept for a period of 6 months. They are not
transferred to third parties or used for any other purpose.
modify ### Rectification of personal information collected

In accordance with the provisions of Article 34 of Act No 48-87 of January
6, 1978, the user has a right of modification of the personal data collected
concerning him. To do this, user sends to @:color.soft:

- you can send us an e-mail using the contact form
- a letter should be sent to the address of the association’s headquarters (indicated
above) indicating your name or business name, your physical and/or electronic
address and, where appropriate, the reference that you have as a user of the
@:color.soft site.

The amendment will be made within a reasonable period of time from the date
of receiving the user’s request.
liabilities ## Limitation of liability

This site contains information made available by external communities or companies
or hypertext links to other sites that were not developed by @:(color.soft).
Content made available on the site is provided for information purposes only.
The existence of a link of this site to another site does not constitute a validation
of that site, or of its content. It is up to the Internet user to use these
information with discernment and critical thinking. The responsibility of @:color.soft
could not be committed because of the information, opinions and recommendations
made by third parties.

@:color.soft cannot be held liable for direct or consequential damages.
indirect caused to the user’s material, when accessing the site, and resulting
either from the use of equipment that does not meet the technical specifications
required, either from the appearance of a bug or of incompatibility.

@:color.soft cannot also be held responsible for damages. indirect (such
as a loss of market or a loss of a chance) resulting from the use of the site.

Interactive spaces (possibility to ask questions in the contact area) are available
to users on the site @:(color.soft). @:color.soft reserves the right
to delete, without prior formal notice, any content deposited in this space
which would contravene the applicable legislation in France, in in particular
data protection provisions. If necessary, @:color.soft also reserves the
possibility of putting in cause the user’s civil and/or criminal liability,
in particular in the event of a racist, insulting, defamatory, or pornographic
message, whatever the medium used (text, photography…).

### Contractual limitations on technical data

@:color.soft cannot be held responsible for material damages. linked to
the use of the site. In addition, the user of the site undertakes to access
the site using recent material, not containing viruses and with an up-to-date

### Intellectual property

The contents are published under the responsibility of the users.
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