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intro->subtitle Change the world<br />one byte at a time
intro->text @:txt.soft is a not-for-profit **popular educational organization**, a group of friends convinced that an **emancipatory** digital world is possible, convinced that it will arise through **actual actions** on real world and online with and for you!
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more->title Framasoft is…
more->libre->title @:txt.libre, the free culture directory
more->libre->text @:txt.soft historical project: hundreds of free softwares and cultural contents organized and tested, displayed with short notices
more->book->title, the publishing house
more->book->text Free books share the same freedom as free software. We publish manuals, technical books, but also novels and even comics
more->blog->title, the news about free culture
more->blog->text News about @:txt.soft, free culture and commons : chronicles, press reviews, translations, interviews
more->confs->title Conferences, workshops
more->confs->text More than one hundred conferences, workshops and interventions per year
more->footer @:txt.soft has more than 50 projects. Check all of them.
more->link See the full presentation.
dio->title Degooglize your Internet<br />find user-friendly tools
dio->subtitle **Ethical alternatives** are possible.<br />Demonstration with **{count} examples**.
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dio->footer The complete list of our services, with the whole documentation to master them, can be found on the [@:txt.dio](@:link.dio) website
peertube->title PeerTube : the alternative to YouTube, made with you and for you
peertube->text Have a look to 1.0 version of PeerTube, which lets you to create **your** own alternative to YouTube. This software has been developped thanks to your contriibutions.<br />All together, let’s build a smilar to us video platform