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peertube->footer To learn about the PeerTube software, discover how it’s organized into a <abbr title="Also known as fediverse, the whole group of federated instances.">federation</abbr> and understand how to create your own <abbr title="Decentralized installation on a server, accessible through a web address.">instance</abbr>: @:html.joinpeertube
peertube->modal->title Main features of PeerTube
peertube->modal->text PeerTube is a fully featured software. Here is some of its abilities.
peertube->modal->features->[0] Import from YouTube
peertube->modal->features->[1] Import .torrent files
peertube->modal->features->[2] Subtitles
peertube->modal->features->[3] Advanced search
peertube->modal->features->[4] Subscription for users
peertube->modal->features->[5] RSS feeds
mobilizon->title Mobilizon: A free and federated tool to get our events off Facebook!
mobilizon->text Preview the beta version of Mobilizon, which will allow you to create your alternative to MeetUp and Facebook events. This software is under development, thanks to your contributions, and will be constantly improved until the release of its V1 in the first half of 2020. Together, let’s invent the video platform that suits us. Gather ⋅ Organize ⋅ Mobilize… in complete freedom!
mobilizon->btn Browse the main features
mobilizon->footer To discover the development plan for Mobilizon software by 2020: @:(html.joinmobilizon). To test the features under development [](
cuo->title Contributopia
cuo->intro On Framasoft’s agenda in 2022: PeerTube, free culture, Mobilizon, CHATONS,
commons, decentralisation, popular education, an archipelago of partnerships,
sharing… and probably a trivia or two!
cuo->peertube->title PeerTube
cuo->peertube->text PeerTube is an open source software that democratises video distribution,
as it allows hosts to create YouTube-like video platforms.
These platforms can link together to show a wider range of videos while
remaining independent.
cuo->mobilizon->title Mobilizon