Key English Polish
accroche->[2] A [community](#topPgCommunaute) of volunteers supported by a public interest association.
accroche->[3] An invitation to build together a world of sharing and cooperation.
medias->lListen Link to the listening page
asso->desc A bit of cathedral
asso->text @:txt.soft is based on a law 1901 association (not-for-profit association of volunteers). Up to it to smooth out any rough edges and to ensure that the community can function in good conditions. There are @:people.employees permanent posts and it’s mostly financed by individual donations collected on Internet. You can be a member too, but careful, it is more a vocation than a sinecure!
participer->title Participate?
participer->desc There are lots of ways to participate with us to spread the Free spirit through our numerous projects.
participer->text Test, write, moderate, administrate, translate, proofread, relay, code, communicate, promote, raise awareness… Don’t hesitate to [join in](@:link.participer) with us! And thanks in advance…
logiciel->desc [Free software](@:link.wFreeSoftware) is a software that offers and guarantees the following four liberties: usage, study, modification and copying in order to spread (free of charge or not).
logiciel->text1 This is technically permitted thanks to the access to the [code](@:link.wSourceCode) and legally with the [free license](@:link.wFreeLicense) going with it. Theses *four liberties* promote transparency, trust, exchange, sharing and collaboration inside communities.
logiciel->text2 @:txt.soft provides a directory, USB and DVD keys and a Windows installer to discover these and use them regularly.
culture->title Free Culture?
culture->desc Ease by Internet and digitisation, “[free culture](@:link.wFreeCulture)” is a evolving culture inspired directly by free software in its spirit and licenses to promote and spread intellectuals works.
culture->text1 It explores various domains such as arts, education, sciences, hardware… These works can then be considered as [common goods](@:link.wCommons). The most illustrative example is the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.
culture->text2 In this context, @:txt.soft offers you a blog, a publising house a video platform, a website dedicated to free music as well as an original collaborative translation service.
culture->quote “Because it will be one of the biggest missed opportunities of our era if the free software doesn’t free anything else than code.”
cloud->title Free services?
cloud->desc Code name: “”
cloud->text1 Intuitive, registration-free, and directly in your browser, it is a set of online free services and respectful of your personal data. These services are offered in the context of our campaign @:html.dio
cloud->text2 You can also install these on your own server, thus helping to decentralize Internet. Tutorials are availables in the section <a href="" lang="fr">Cultiver son jardin</a> (only in French at the moment) to help you to go for it.