Key English
accroche->[0] A network dedicated to globally promoting “*free*” and particularly *free software*.
accroche->[1] Many services and innovative projects freely put at the disposal of the general public.
accroche->[2] A [community](#topPgCommunaute) of volunteers supported by a public interest association.
accroche->[3] An invitation to build together a world of sharing and cooperation.
news What’s up on @:txt.soft?
medias->title Press Release
medias->intro @:txt.soft and the “@:txt.dio” campaign received some attention. Here are some extracts from our [Press release](
medias->th1 Date
medias->th2 Media
medias->th3 Links
medias->lArticle Link to the article
medias->lPaywall Link to the article (subscribers)
medias->lSummary Link to the summary of the issue
medias->lPodcast Link to the podcast
medias->lListen Link to the listening page
communaute->title A community
communaute->desc A joyful mess
communaute->text Who is behind @:txt.soft? Everybody who took part in our projects at some point. It is enough to be eager to promote Open source and license your contribution as open source. It guarantees that it will be added to the commons without any risk of being seized.
asso->title An association
asso->desc A bit of cathedral