Key English Swedish
cloud->sites->calc->title A collaborative spreadsheet
logiciel->sites->libre->what A Directory
logiciel->sites->pack->what A distributor
logiciel->sites->dvd->desc A DVD stuffed with the best free software for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux (distro included) but also free culture (text, photo, audio and video). Also available as a special School Edition
cloud->sites->mindmap->desc A fluid and intuitive interface to create mind maps easily from inside your browser. Particularly relevant for brainstorming or note taking.
vrac->sites->colibri->what A forum
vrac->sites->evl->what A shop
cloud->sites->forms->what Ask questions
logiciel->sites->key->what A USB thumb drive
culture->sites->book->title Betting on free books
vrac->title Bulk free
cloud->sites->calc->what Calculate
cloud->sites->git->what Code
cloud->sites->team->title Collaborative communication
culture->sites->lang->title Collaborative translation
cloud->sites->carte->title Creat custom maps
cloud->sites->slides->title Create and share slideshows
cloud->sites->mindmap->title Create mind maps
cloud->sites->forms->title Creation of questionnaires
cloud->sites->vox->what Decide