Key English Swedish
cloud->desc Free cloud computing? It is possible!
cloud->sites->agenda->desc With @:txt.agenda you can create personal or professional calendas, the agenda for a hall or the activities of your organization, and share them freely. You remain master of your data, and you choose with whom, where and when they are shown.
cloud->sites->agenda->title Shared agenda
cloud->sites->agenda->what Organise
cloud->sites->bag->desc @:txt.bag allows you to save articles which you do not have time to read now.
cloud->sites->bag->title Never miss an article!
cloud->sites->bag->what Follow the news
cloud->sites->board->desc @:txt.board is a collaborative project and task manager, using the Kanban system. Its visual system makes it very easy to feel at home, whether you are used to this kind of tool or not.
cloud->sites->board->title Manage projects
cloud->sites->board->what Organize
cloud->sites->calc->desc @:txt.calc is to spreadsheets what @:txt.pad is to text editing, working together on the same document in a simple and collaborative way.
cloud->sites->calc->title A collaborative spreadsheet
cloud->sites->calc->what Calculate
cloud->sites->carte->desc Framacarte allows you to draw, label, colour, annotate maps from [OpenStreetMap](@:link.wOSM) in order to display them on your website or print them.
cloud->sites->carte->title Creat custom maps
cloud->sites->carte->what Mapping
cloud->sites->date->desc is like Doodle, but free. Nothing is simpler than to create an appointment or a survey with registration and to invite your associates.
cloud->sites->date->title Organize appointments and surveys
cloud->sites->date->what Organize
cloud->sites->drive->desc allows you to store your files online, synchronize them between your PCs, mobile devices… and share them with whoever you want.