Key English
communaute->title Free community
communaute->desc Are you free tonight?
logiciel->title Free software
logiciel->desc Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
logiciel->sites->dvd->what Un DVD
logiciel->sites->dvd->desc A DVD stuffed with the best free software for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux (distro included) but also free culture (text, photo, audio and video). Also available as a special School Edition
culture->title Free cultures
culture->desc Extending the scope of open source
cloud->title Free services
cloud->desc Free cloud computing? It is possible!
cloud->sites->sphere->desc @:txt.sphere is a free social network based on the decentralised Diaspora software. Find your friends on @:txt.sphere – or other Diaspora pods – and discuss with them without being tracked.
vrac->title Bulk free
vrac->desc Unclassifiable but not badly classified!