Key English French
page_info->title List of Etherpad instances
page_info->intro Here is the list of instances to which you can be redirected by creating a pad from the Framapad home page.
page_info->add_yourself If you are **an organization** that has the resources to host such a service and would like to be added to it, you can contact us through [](
page_info->columns->title Instance name
page_info->columns->chatons Type
page_info->instance->type->chatons CHATONS
page_info->instance->type->other Other
page_info->title_pool List of the {nbinstances} recommended instances
page_info->title_other List of {nbinstances} other instances
page_info->intro_other We don’t know the people behind these instance, so we don’t redirect to those because we don’t know their privacy policy or their ability to handle many users, however we list them below.
page_info->title_specific Specific instances
page_info->columns->url URL
page_info->columns->country Country
hos->intro->six-month 6 months 6 mois
hos->limit->btn-cgu Terms of Use <abbr title="Conditions Générales d’Utilisation">CGU</abbr>
hos->limit->btn-moderation Moderation charter Charte de modération
hos->intro->copy Copy the link Copier le lien
hos->intro->btn-create Create Créer
hos->intro->btn-signup Create an account of private pads Créer un compte de pads privés
hos->intro->btn-create-a-pad Create a public pad Créer un pad public