Key English
public->two-month 2 months
public->six-month 6 months
public->annual annual
what->md A pad is an online collaborative text editor. The contributions of each user
are indicated by a colour code, appear on the screen in real time and are
recorded as they are typed.
public->bimestrial bimestrial
page_info->instance->type->chatons CHATONS
meta->lead Collaborating online has never been easier
software->md @:color.pad is based on free software [@:soft.pad](@:src.pad)

It is [one instance among others]({link}).

@:soft.pad is under @:license.apache2 license.
public->full_list Complete list of the **{nbinstances} known instances**.
page_info->columns->country Country
private->signup Create an account
public->create Create a pad
garden->title Cultivate your garden
public->running Currently, {count} pads {type} are running.
public->daily daily
public->expiration Duration of the pad
public->external Following a great use of the pads hosted on @:color.pad by the @:color.soft association, this pad will be created on **the [{title}]({website}) instance**
meta->title Framapad - Collaborative Text Editor
page_info->intro Here is the list of instances to which you can be redirected by creating a pad from the Framapad home page.
how ## How does it work?

- Create a pad.
- Start to **write** your text
- and **invite** your collaborators.
- Each participant is distinguished by a **color**
- and can **chat** with the group.
- If necessary, restore an old version from **history**
- and when your work is done, **export** it.

Want a [demonstration]({link})?