Key English
public->unknown unknown
public->full_list Complete list of the **{nbinstances} known instances**.
public->help The expiry date is defined according to the date of **last modification**
of the pad.
public->create Create a pad
public->running Currently, {count} pads {type} are running.
public->external Following a great use of the pads hosted on @:color.pad by the @:color.soft association, this pad will be created on **the [{title}]({website}) instance**
public->chatons (member of the [CHATONS]( collective).
public->other You should know that other <a href=""> <abbr title="Collective of independant, transparent, open, neutral and ethical hosters">CHATONS</abbr></a> like @:color.soft also offer a similar service with open access on [](
private->title Private Pads
private->md You have the possibility to create a password protected account and having
a space dedicated to the management of your pads and their access rights.
private->signin Login
private->signup Create an account
private->mypads Mypads (account created before {date})
private->mypads2 Mypads 2 (after {date})
help->title Video Tutorial
help->md To help you, here is a video tutorial (in french only) directed by Frédéric
help->play Play the video
software->title Software
software->md @:color.pad is based on free software [@:soft.pad](@:src.pad)

It is [one instance among others]({link}).

@:soft.pad is under @:license.apache2 license.
garden->title Cultivate your garden