Key English Breton
meta->lead Collaborative Text Editor Biskoazh n'eo bet ken aes kenlabourat enlinenn
hos->header->signin Login
hos->header->signup Create an account
hos->header->mypads Mypads (account created before {date})
hos->header->mypads2 Mypads 2 (after {date})
hos->intro->title @:txt.pad
hos->intro->subtitle A collaborative real-time web-based editor
hos->intro->btn-create Create
hos->intro->btn-create-a-pad Create a public pad
hos->intro->btn-signup Create an account of private pads
hos->intro->btn-tour Guided tour
hos->intro->more Learn more about @:txt.pad
hos->intro->name Pad name
hos->intro->link Link to share
hos->intro->copy Copy the link
hos->intro->copied Link copied!
hos->intro->chatons (member of the [CHATONS]( collective).
hos->intro->expiration Duration of the pad
hos->intro->week one week
hos->intro->month one month