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Forbidden words
Words that are considered suspicious when found in new form titles. You can separate forms with commas (,).
Your form contains suspicious words and is therefore considered as spam. The site's administrators will review it shortly.
Forms in quarantine
Records exposed to Views.
Nids of the forms.
Uid for the author of this node
Date the form was put into quarantine.
Put forms into quarantine
Take forms out of quarantine
The form was put into quarantine. You can set it back up using <a href='/quarantine'>this view.</a>
The form was taken out of quarantine and reassigned to user %id
Launching cron task.
Error deleting potential spam : %error
Error checking framaforms_spam_quarantine table : %error
Error checking framaforms_spam_allowlist table : %error
Trying to put into quarantine unexisting form %nid