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Its usage is very specific to Yakforms websites, and the module is not usable outside of Yakforms environments : specfific modules are needed, and the overall features of the websites are guided for very special purposes.
The following are defined inside the Yakforms module :
A new node type : « form » or <code>form1</code> (machine-name) nodes are publicly-accessible nodes that any authenticated user can create and configure. A webform is attached to each of node.
Blocks and menu links for user navigation.
Cron tasks for limited-lifetime nodes : to avoid piling up useless data forever, forms expire after a few months by default. (This feature can be deactivated by the admin if necessary)..
A central administration menu to manage most of the website's parameter : <a href='@link'>Administration page.</a>
Contact form link
Password alert
User links
Anonymous user links
New form warning
Help : confirmation email
Confirmation email
Help : email interaction
Email interaction
Help : validation conditions
Validation conditions
Help : configure form
Help : conditionnal fields
Help : new form