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About A prepaus
Yakforms is a module aimed for building form services online. Yakforms es un modul amb l’objectiu de crear de servicis de formularis en linha.
Its usage is very specific to Yakforms websites, and the module is not usable outside of Yakforms environments : specfific modules are needed, and the overall features of the websites are guided for very special purposes.
The following are defined inside the Yakforms module :
A new node type : « form » or <code>form1</code> (machine-name) nodes are publicly-accessible nodes that any authenticated user can create and configure. A webform is attached to each of node.
Blocks and menu links for user navigation.
Default pages. Paginas per defaut.
Cron tasks for limited-lifetime nodes : to avoid piling up useless data forever, forms expire after a few months by default. (This feature can be deactivated by the admin if necessary)..
A central administration menu to manage most of the website's parameter : <a href='@link'>Administration page.</a>
Contact form link
Password alert
General header Entèsta generala
User links
Anonymous user links
New form warning
New form Formulari novèl
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