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New form warning Alɣu n umasal amaynut
Password alert Alɣu n wawal uffir
Maximum number of forms per user allowed on this instance. Amḍan afellay n tferkiyin i useqdac yettusirgen ɣef tummant-a.
Maximum number of submissions per form allowed on this instance. Amḍan afellay n tuzniwin n yal tiferkit yettusirgen ɣef tummant-a.
Your account has reached this site's maximum number of forms. Please delete some of your unused forms in 'My forms' before trying to create a new one. Amiḍan-ik·im yessaweḍ ɣer umḍan afellay yettusirgen seg usmel-a. Ttxil-k·m kkes kra n tferkiyin ur tseqdaceḍ ara seg "Tiferkiyin-inu" send ad tεerḍeḍ ad ternuḍ tamaynut-nniḍen.
My account (@account) Amiḍan-iw (@account)
My Yakforms account Amiḍan-iw Yakforms
Email interaction Amyigew n yimayl
Welcome to your Yakforms account ! Ansuf ɣer umiḍan-ik·im Yakforms!
General header Aqerru amatu
Instructions page for expired forms. Asebter n yiwellihen n tferkiyin yemmuten.
Contact form link Aseɣen n tferkit n unermis
Link to the user's forms Aseɣwen ɣer tferkiyin n useqdac
This site's allows to create the maximum following number of forms : @number Asmel-a yessirig timerna n umḍan afellay n tferkiyin: @aseqdac
etc atg
Unable to export forms for user %id : Error in yakforms_export_users_content_before_delete_submit. %error Awway n tferkiyin i useqdac %d d awezɣi: Tuccḍa deg yakforms_export_users_content_before_delete_submit. %tuccḍa
This might work better on mobile. Ayagi yezmer ad yeddu xiṛ ɣef uziraz.
The forms's expiration date Azemz n keffu n tferkit