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NB : the form's title will affect its URL. Choose it wisely and watch out : changing it will change the form's URL !
Here, you can specify how long you want the confirmation email to be valid (if you are using this option), and if you want the user's submission to be eventually destroyed.
(NB : if you are looking for the configuration parameters, you'll find them in the « Emails » tab !)
This feature allows you to send an email to a specified address.
For example you can send an email to the form's author at each new submission.
This email can optionally contain the values submitted by the user.
But the real interest of this module is to set up a confirmation process by email.
If a user submits a form, they will receive an email with a confirmation link. Their submission won't be appear in the results until they have clicked on this link.
This can be very useful if you want to make sure all submitted emails are valid.
Watch out : to use the confirmation process, your form must have an « email » component.
(well yeah, how can you possibly send an email if you don't have an address ? :P )
(for advanced users)
Here, you can define conditions to validate a user's submission.
If these conditions are not fulfilled, the submission won't be saved, and the user will be asked to modify their submission.
You want to make sure a 'size at age 5' field is inferior to a 'size at age 20' field.
You want to make sure that 'Awesome project name' begins with 'Frama-'
The good part : The default configuration is enough for 90% of cases.
The less good part : if you mess around and end up breaking your form, don't come whining ! (Don't worry, you'll 'only' have broken your own form, the worst that can happen is having to start over a new one :)
Conditonal fields allow you to take actions depending on the user's values.
IF the user checked the option « I went to space »
THEN make the field « Which planet ? » mandatory.
Fill the general information describing your form, then click « Submit » to proceed to add form fields.
Once this is done, click on the « Webform » tab <strong>which will only appear once the description is saved !</strong>
Cliquez sur l'onglet « Formulaire » pour poursuivre la création de formulaire...