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access your forms ("My forms" button above) ; kcem ɣer tferkiyin-ik·im (taqeffalt "Tiferkiyin-inu" ddaw);
Add form components Rnu isuddam n tferkit
Anonymous user links Iseɣwan n useqdac udrig
as part of
<br><p>This user is the author of : </p> <br><p>D aseqdac-a i d ameskar n : </p>
But the real interest of this module is to set up a confirmation process by email.
Choose your form's components. Fren iferdisen n tferkit-ik·im.
Cliquez sur l'onglet « Formulaire » pour poursuivre la création de formulaire...
Clone URL
Conditionnal fields Urtiyen iwtilanen
Conditonal fields allow you to take actions depending on the user's values.
Configuration for Yakforms module Tawila i uzegrir n Yakforms
Configure form Tiferkit n twila
Configure Yakforms Swel Yakforms
Confirmation email Imayl n usentem
Contact form link Aseɣen n tferkit n unermis
contact us nermes-aɣ-d
Create a form from a template Rnu tiferkit seg tneɣruft
create a new form rnu tiferkit tamaynut
Create a new form Rnu tiferkit tamaynut