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Total number of forms : @number Formularioak orotara: @number
Last @interval : @results Azken @interval : @results
Total number of submissions : @number Erantzunak orotara: @number
(For an average of @number submissions / form)
Total number of users : @number
Registered since @interval : @number
Forms with the most submissions :
submissions Erantzunak
Users with the most forms
Size of database : @size
Note : some of these values can be changed elsewhere on the website, they are simply centralized here.
Website title
The title of this website. It will be displayed in the top header.
Website header
The title that will be displayed at the top of your site. You might use the following HTML tags :
Website slogan
Small phrase displayed under the title. Ex : 'Create forms easily'
General contact email
It will be used in the general contact form of the website, and used to warn you of pending updates.