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Key English French (France) (fr_FR)
Admin.Administration Administration Administration
Admin.Author Author Auteur·rice
Admin.Back to administration Back to administration Retour à l'administration
Admin.Change the poll Change the poll Modifier le sondage
Admin.Confirm removal of the poll Confirm removal of the poll Confirmer la suppression du sondage
Admin.Deleted the poll Deleted the poll Supprimer le sondage
Admin.Email Email Courriel
Admin.Expiration date Expiry date Expiration
Admin.Fail Fail Échec
Admin.Failed: Failed: Échec :
Admin.Format Format Format
Admin.Installation Installation Installation
Admin.Logs Logs Historique
Admin.Migration Migration Migration
Admin.Nothing Nothing Rien
Admin.Pages: Pages: Pages :
Admin.Poll ID Poll ID ID sondage
Admin.Polls Polls Sondages
Admin.Purge Purge Purge
Admin.Purge the polls Purge the polls Purger les sondages