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hos->intro->subtitle Share your spreadsheets and work together!
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hos->limit->desc ## Limitations

@:txt.calc has some limitations:

- calcs will be **deleted after {days} days of inactivity** (no access,
no modification), in order to avoid enlargement of our database
- they can only contain a maximum of **{rows} rows**
- it is not possible to create multi-sheet layers
or import OpenDocument or Microsoft Office files

This service is offered subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions
and may be moderated according to our moderation policy.
hos->what->md A “calc“ is an online collaborative spreadsheet. Your data is automatically
saved on the internet, and your friends can collaborate on the document at
the same time (just provide them the address).<br />
View all changes in real time!

Work together on your inventories, your surveys, your content, your meetings
and much more!<br />
Want a [demonstration]({link})?

### Main features

- Collaborative editing in real time
- Permanent and automatic backup
- History
- Cell annotations
- Many functions available (statistics, financial, mathematics, text, etc.)
- Basic graphs (histogram, lines, points)
- HTML or CSV export
hos->what->title What is it?
meta->lead Online collaborative spreadsheet Kollaborative Online-Tabellenkalkulation