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alt->text2 You will find <a href="#tips" rel="nofollow">below</a>, a list summarizing and supplementing the alternatives presented on the map. It is inspired by <a href="">Prism-Break</a> which promotes other software in more specialized areas.
home->intro->btnAlt1 You use a particular service?
alt->table->th1 You use ඔබ භාවිත කරන දෑ
services->scribd->mTitle Your readers have rights too
services->blogger->mTitle Your own website in a few clicks
services->evernote->lDesc Your notes, pictures and favorite links within reach!
services->evernote->mTitle Your notes concern you alone.
services->gmail->lDesc Your emails, without NSA inside
services->gagenda->mTitle You own your appointments
services->pastebin->mBody->feat You may need to communicate one or more pieces of confidential information without sending a standard e-mail or paper. Framabin enables you to send an address with simple but secure access. The server stores the cyphered data, which remains unreadable.
services->gagenda->lDesc You choose who sees your timetable
home->explain->props->charte->desc You can find online the list of the services we already offer (and those yet to come), together with our charter:
services->github->mBody->more You can also mirror your repositories on GitHub automatically: you keep “feeding the beast” but you are less dependent, and you remain visible to the eyes of the nearly 10 million users registered on GitHub. Your repository on our Framagit is automatically pushed to your GitHub repository. This is also the choice made by Framasoft: we still have a GitHub account, while we continue to develop our projects.
home->more->chatons->desc You can also look for a trustworthy local webhosting service among the <strong>KITTENS</strong>, Keen Internet Talented Teams Engaged in Network Services!
services->skype->mBody->feat You are connected to your friends directly from your web browser, without the need to set up any extra software. Once connected, enable your web browser to use your microphone and your webcam and simply start talking.
services->pastebin->lDesc Write and share confidentially
services->gdocs->mBody->feat->[1] Write a document
txt->withHelp with your help
services->pocket->mBody->desc With @framaservice, you won’t lose Internet contents that interest you, even if you don’t have time to read them right away. With one click, you save your selection and you can read it whenever you want. The application saves your selection so that you can enjoy reading it when you have more time.
services->gspreadsheet->mBody->desc With @framaservice, your data are automatically saved on the Internet. You and your colleagues can contribute to the same document at the same time. You can visualize every change in real time and work together on lists, calculations, data, statistics, and much, much more!