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home->title Main Page
home->intro->bubble3 The <strong>Framasoft</strong> network intends to <strong>prove it</strong><br />by <strong>hosting</strong> them
home->intro->btnList1 Are you looking for a specific tool?
home->intro->btnList2 (file sharing, communication, collaborative work…)'
home->intro->btnList3 Find the free service<br />to meet your needs.
home->intro->btnAlt1 You use a particular service?
home->intro->btnAlt2 (from Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft…)
home->intro->btnAlt3 Discover free alternatives<br /> to replace it.
home->more->title Go further
home->more->desc On the way to your digital independance… ? The road is clear!<br /> De-google-ify Internet offers you the possibility to follow it in several steps.
home->more->docs->btn Documentation
home->more->docs->desc Discover and use free alternatives (hosted by Framasoft), with the help of our collaborative <strong>documentation</strong> to learn how they work, how to log in, how to use their fonctions, etc..
home->more->cloud->btn Framacloud
home->more->cloud->desc If you have the possibility, freely host the same software directly on your school/association/company/organization thanks to our self-hosting tutorial found in the <strong>Framacloud</strong>.
home->more->chatons->btn KITTENS
home->more->chatons->desc You can also look for a trustworthy local webhosting service among the <strong>KITTENS</strong>, Keen Internet Talented Teams Engaged in Network Services!
home->why->title Why?
home->why->desc These services are software, but this software is set up on someone else’s computer (on what’s called "servers"). Using services offered by Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft… ("GAFAM") means giving them your data, the parts of your life that you put on the Internet. So it’s a matter of trust.
home->why->explain->btn Stakes and dangers
home->why->explain->desc This trust has allowed a handful of companies (GAFAM) to centralize data from a huge part of the population, holding a near-monopoly on our digital lives (an oligopoly). The <strong>dangers and stakes</strong> are threefold: economic, technological, cultural…