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intro Welcome to a world where tools are, from their very conception, destined to
foster peaceful exchanges!
In 2017 and 2018, @:html.soft intends to be part of the development and
hosting of new web services, designed to respect users, their freedom, their
exchanges and their networks.
These services will be developed in collaboration with users in order to
enrich their experience.
sections->framameet ### Framameet, encouraging gatherings and meetings

Online exchanges can sometimes lead to face to face meetings, far from our
keyboards. When we organise these meetings with tools like <i>Facebook</i>
or through platforms like <i>MeetUp</i>, we abandon the personal information
of the members of the group to these data devouring ogres.

The free libre software community is interested in creating tools of this
type, all the while respecting the fundamental freedoms of the people
to gather.

@:html.soft intends to accompany one such project and contribute to
its development… right up to the deployment of a libre service, open to all,
and in the service of our society.

**Oct. 2019 update**: *Thanks to the [JoinMobilizon](@:link.joinmobilizon)
fundraising being successful, we are currently developing the Mobilizon
software [the first beta version of which has just been published](@:summary.mobilizon.en)!*
sections->framapetitions ### Framapetitions, making our opinions heard

Online petitions constitute a tool that is at once strategic and delicate.
Our collections of opinions on the world should not be locked up by some
software nor exploited by profit driven businesses.

When @:html.soft created our service for online forms @:html.forms,
it was clear that an adaptation of the code for the service could lead to
Framapetitions. It was nevertheless necessary to wait and see how well this
service stood up to a massive userbase.

Thanks to more than a years experience of hosting @:html.forms, @:html.soft
will create and then host Framapetitions, which will require your
in the form of tests, feedback and support.
sections->framasite ### Framasite, enter webspace

Creating a webpage, a website, a blog or even a wiki… all too often these
modes of expression and means of sharing remain complex to tame, even more
so when we choose not to share our private life with lucrative platforms. offers online equipment that will enable you to build your
place on the web. This service gives you access to a place for expression
where the content is your own in a hosting space which respects the data
the privacy) of the people that visit, participate in and contribute to your
site. will not not be perfect when it is launched. But thanks
to your feedback, @:html.soft will be able to simplify the usage and
contribute to the development of this software enabling the creation of
websites… for each and every one of us.
sections->framatube ### Framatube, let’s break the hegemony of YouTube

The hosting of videos, when it is centralised on a platform, poses important
technical and economic challenges. Too many videos will cost you dear in
If your site is a success there will be significant traffic (with a traffic
jam on your server!) and you may find yourself having expensive bills to

So rather than using the centralised model that has allowed <i>YouTube</i>,
<i>Netflix</i> (and others…) to become indispensable, why not be inspired
by the methods that led to the creation of the internet: decentralisation
and peer-to-peer sharing!

The free libre software <i>PeerTube</i> will allow a federation of video
to transmit videos peer-to-peer. So each computer that receives a video will
send it on to others at the same time, and each host will decide his or her
own rules of play (conditions of use, moderation, monetisation…) all the
linked to other hosts of the federation.

@:html.soft is wagering on <i>PeerTube</i> by financing its development,
not so that the everyone’s videos will be on a Framatube, but so that
associations, organisations, institutions and the media can host their own
independent video platforms and contribute in turn to this project.
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