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services ### 2017-2018: Create and offer tools

At @:html.soft, thanks to three years of [<b class="violet">De-google-ify</b> 
<b class="orange">Internet</b>](@:link.dio), which has
put in place more than thirty alternative services, we know that the web
don’t just siphon off our digital lives: by their very design, they shape our
habits, our actions, even the way we think.

In the exploration of this first world, you’ll find online services that are
designed with a different set of values, respecting the (private) lives of
and the diversity that makes up our networks. In this world are conceived the
digital tools that allow us to share our ideas, our opinions, our meetings…
even our videos!
intro ## To de-google-ify is not enough

@:html.soft invites you to join us on a shared adventure: to explore the
digital worlds where humanity and our fundamental freedoms are respected,
right through to the creation of the tools that we use.

During this journey, planned for 2017 to 2020, let us set out to define the
digital tools which make possible our contributions in all fields of our
and in all types of creativity.
essaimage ### 2018-2019: Pass on know-how

The web giants have based their model on centralising our data, seducing users
with services which actually lock our digital existence into gigantic digital
silos filled with our data: records of our clicks, our conversations, our
life. To reproduce this centralised model is to concentrate power and the
that come with it.

Let us discover a world in which we don’t put all our lives in one single
basket! A world in which, faced with the digital supermarkets that deal in our
data, we organise digital "cooperatives" that are local and based on exchange.
A world in which @:html.chatons abound, a world with personal clouds, where
we teach each other, with international cross-pollination.
educ-pop ### 2019-2020: Inspire the possibilities

There is a vision behind the services that the web giants offer. It reduces
our intimacy to a commodity for the benefit of advertisers and marketers. This
diminishes our role to that of a consumer and we are abandoning our freedom
for more comfort. There is no room in this schema for digital tools that
possibilities like participation, contribution and popular education.

That leaves an as yet unexplored world for us to discover and cultivate
equipped with tools designed to develop new ways to team up and to create
A world that is inspired by countless communities (such as the free software
community), to help each of us to choose the tools that work for us, to become
digitally autonomous, to collaborate differently and to share knowledge.