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title Hiving off
intro Welcome to a world where the ethical cloud is in reach of each and every one
of us!
For 2018 and 2019, @:html.soft will prioritise actions which encourage digital
autonomy, in order to offer to as many as possible a solidarity hosting of our
digital life that is trustworthy.
A process of hiving off which has already started and which needs refining in
order to offer real local alternatives to the enterprise-silos which harvest
our data.
sections->chatons ### @:html.chatons for local, ethical, solidarity hosting'

Inaugurated in October 2016 on the initiative of @:html.soft, the Collective
of Keen Internet Talented Teams Engaged in Network Services is both a
label and a space for mutual aid.

For the public, the @:html.chatons label indicates a local host in whom you
can trust your data with confidence. This confidence is based on a number
of strictly followed commitments that come from values like openness,
neutrality and respecting personal data.

For the members of the collective, @:html.chatons is a shared tool for
support through, amongst other things, the sharing of the legal, technical
and interpersonal knowledge necessary to be worthy of the trust invested by
the beneficiaries of the services.

@:html.soft will take the time to listen to and respond to the needs
of the collective. It is the latter who will decide the course of action in
order to grow. This is done in the hope that one day each and every one of
us will be able to find a KITTEN in our neighbourhood!
sections->yunohost ### YUNOHOST, easy self hosting

YUNOHOST is a free software project which aims to give access to even the
least tech savvy of us to the self hosting of services. Emails, file
agendas, tools for collaborative creation and organisation: and all that
reach of a few clicks in order to have your own server (and the data) at
for you, your friends and family, your organisation, your business, your

Since January 2017, @:html.soft has been investing its employees worktime
in order to be sure that there can be a maximum of the libre services from
the “@:html.dio” campaign available in the YUNOHOST solution.

It is in this spirit of collaboration with YUNOHOST that @:html.soft
is accompanying and promoting this solution in order that it will be adopted
on a massive scale.
sections->i18n ### Internationalisation: sharing our experience beyond our borders'

With the “@:html.dio” campaign, @:html.soft is offering more than 30
ethical and alternative web services to a French speaking public. It is out
of the question to translate the services hosted by @:html.soft: that
would result in too many users and too much weight on the shoulders of a
French association!

Nevertheless, because the campaign offers a solution that is (more or less)
complete, an experience (relatively) perfected and because it has resulted
in a participation that is (modestly) remarkable, the @:html.dio project
to be more or less unique in the world… and that could change!

There is a vast work of construction here for which the foundations need
that of sharing the years of <i>de-google-ification</i> so that others can
take inspiration and apply it in their language, adapting it to their

In effect, it means just transforming, together, the history of ”@:html.dio”
into an international commons. Nothing more than that!
sections->woc ### Framasoft <i lang="en">Winter of code: winter is coding</i>'

With the <i lang="en">Google Summer of code</i>, the web giant is indeed
crafty: financing the <i lang="en">open source</i> projects of developers
allows <i>Google</i> to handpick the codes that will be of benefit, and at
the same time to seduce talented coders, to format them into its business
culture, all the while waving the <i>Google</i> banner.

In addition, the world of digital freedoms is becoming more and more
on the financial contributions of <i>Google</i> and the other web giants in
order to survive and it is becoming worrying.

By proposing the <i lang="en">Winter of code</i>, @:html.soft wishes
to do its bit to invert this tendency. The heart of the idea is to put free
software communities in contact with trainees in information technology
experience in an environment that makes sense, @:html.soft will bring
administrative and perhaps even financial support.

All that remains to be imagined with the interested parties but one thing
is sure: <i lang="en">Winter is coding</i>!