Key English
title Popular education
intro ## Inspire the possibilities

Welcome to a world where everyone can share, and access, knowledge!

In 2019 and 2020 and after the important work of meetings, exchanges and
@:html.soft proposes to concentrate on digital tools that facilitate access
to shared knowledge.

It’s a world that is as yet uncharted, because it needs to be imagined
with the actors who, each day, define a society where we contribute more than
we consume, the society of contribution.
sections->outils ### Access for all

As things stand, finding the libre web service which corresponds to your
requires a great deal of know-how and remains difficult to access to those
of us who are not at ease using digital tools.

It is by working jointly with these people, experts in digital
and professionals in design and user experience that @:html.soft desires
to tackle the question, while at the same time offering tools and training
to the actors from territorial networks who work on digital access.

The aim? Creating the right tools and conditions to enable access to an
web for all.
sections->git-moldus ### Git within reach of all of us

<i lang="en">Git</i> is a tool which allows people to collaborate
on code. The way that it has been designed opens a magnificent gateway to
understanding the methods, practices and frame of mind involved in

How can we make it so that people who don’t code can benefit from the
of such a tool? How can we adapt <i lang="en">git</i>, its jargon, its
etc. so that everyone can co-create and collaborate on texts or other

There are projects that exist already and it is with them that @:html.soft
will study possible solutions.
sections->mooc-chatons ### A MOOC for the @:html.chatons

Becoming a @:html.chatons, a member of this collective of organisations
host ethical web services, is not an easy task: there is an impressive
of know-how to acquire and of practices to understand.

It is with the members of this collective that @:html.soft is proposing
to create a MOOC, a massive open online course, to bring together and layout
the know-how we want to share… and may the @:html.chatons in our collective
basket multiply!
sections->upload ### UPLOAD, University of the People of Libre

It is the project that is the least clear and perhaps the most crazy of this
Contributopia: creating a University of the People of Libre that is Open,
Accessible and Decentralised.

The desire is to create a digital tool where each and every one of us can
share our know-how and find knowledge, or even (and let us dream) have it

It is difficult to describe today how this University of the People of Libre
will be founded, since its construction will depend on the good will,
and partnerships that can be seized over the course of this voyage.