Context English Polish
Sidebar text to get help Include a link to this page and the number of the step that's giving you trouble.
No preference
Task tag OpenStreetMap
Badge displayed next to guide step Optional
Sidebar label Recommended equipment:
Sidebar link Return home
Task tag Support
Task tag Translation
Task tag Wikipedia
Task summary Help translate some projects into other languages.
Skill name Comprehend English
Skill name Be fluent in another language
Guide step title Create your Contributor Account
Guide step content You'll need an account on the platform we use to translate projects.
Text for link in guide step Create your Weblate account
Guide step title Choose the project you want to translate
Text for link in guide step List of translatable projects on Weblate
Guide step title Understand what the project is about
Guide step content In order to translate appropriately a project, it is better to understand what's it about.
Guide step title Review the eventual translation guidelines