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Text for link in guide step Sign up on
Task image caption Sign-up form
Guide step title Verify your e-mail address
Guide step content Shortly after signup, you should receive a confirmation e-mail containing an activation link. Click it to activate your account. Request another one if you did not receive the e-mail within a few minutes.
Text for link in guide step Request another activation e-mail
Guide step title Log in
Guide step content Log in using your new account to ensure everything works properly.
Text for link in guide step Login form
Task image caption Login form
Guide step title Customize your profile
Guide step content Take a few minutes to customize your profile and upload your avatar. This will help other community members know who you are :)
Text for link in guide step Profile form
Task image caption Settings dropdown to access the profile form
Task image caption The profile form
Task name Create a Weblate account
Task summary Create your Weblate account on to start translating various projects.
Guide step title Visit
Guide step content The Framasoft Weblate instance is hosted at You have to sign-up here by using your e-mail account.
Guide step content Note : This email may be publicly accessible in the project history
Text for link in guide step Sign up on