Context English German
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Task tag Framalibre
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Skill name Comprehend English
Guide step content In order to translate appropriately a project, it is better to understand what's it about.
Task name Learn to edit OpenStreetMap
Task summary Add details to the community-based world map
Skill name A mouse
Skill summary Editing the map is easier with a mouse in hand.
Guide step title Head over to
Guide step content Get used to the interface by try to view in detail your current location, or another location of your choice. You may also search a location by name in the search bar.
Text for link in guide step Access
Guide step content Modifications are only allowed to registered users, so let's click on "Register" on the top right of the screen and create an account.
Guide step title Enter edit mode
Guide step content Once registered, let's enter edit mode to make your first modifications.
Guide step content After a few seconds, the edition interface should be shown
Guide step title Search for similar bugs
Guide step content A quick search can yield similar bug and avoid opening duplicates. Take a minute or two to search our issue tracker or our forum for recent bug reports that could match yours, but don't worry if you open a duplicate: a contributor will handle it :)
Guide step content If you find a similar bug report, you can comment on this one instead of creating a new one.
Text for link in guide step Browse existing bugs in our code repositories